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Encinitas, Ca


Summit to Sea (S2S) organizes unique yogic retreat experiences, programs, and adventures for recreational, spiritual, and sustainable growth. S2S’s culture is all about living the practice of yoga beyond the mat, through a balance of connected-ness to nature, mindfulness in movement, wholesome foods, self-care practices, essential oils, breath and meditation, healthy relationships, community, and sustainability.

Climbing High...


Climbing High...

Meg Tuazon

Yep, this is me taking a selfie with my go to blend of RC essential oil. I am standing at the very summit of Devils Slide in the back country just outside of June Lake after one of the longest treks I have done on my new split board. Yes, split board... You see, I didn't fully know what these were (nor thought I would actually experience them) until this year before my gnarly mountain man husband introduced them to me. They are skis that separate with skins on them that allow you to grip into the snow at an incline. Once you reach your destination, you take the skins off, link the skis together, turn the bindings, and now you have a snowboard.

5.5 miles later, cutting trail, legs burning (aka, falling off), and using the compass to navigate our route (which we only veered off slightly), my patience was wearing thin. I haven't had a breakdown moment in a while, but after my bindings weren't budging and my strength was weakening, and the face plant in the DEEP powder was sinking, I let out my scream! Yep, I had a mini summit melt down.  Luckily, the mountain basins surrounding us can hold a whole lot of energy and even in my most frustrating moment, I was reminded of the beauty surrounding me. This was when I took out my oils. I don't know if it was the combo of the 4 different eucalyptus blends combining with the fresh, crisp alpine air, or my deep breaths, or my honey cheering me on, but my energy kicked up a whole other notch.

We turned the final corner to reach our summit, only to find ourselves gazing DOWN our line (see left side of photo). Devils Slide was filled with fluffy powder and a whopping 30 feet wide framed with rocks. Our hearts fluttered with nerves and excitement. The chute was welcoming us down, with open arms! After we checked the snow stack for safety, made sure our Avalanche beacons were turned on (um, yes, we wore those detectors to find your partner and dig them out within a matter of 5 minutes
to save them), we plunged and we plunged hard! I forgot how tired my legs were because I was now dealing with the snow spray in my face. (Yes☺️)! The mountains were singing with us all the way down as our smiles grew numb on our faces.

This accomplishment felt SO good. I
never imagined I would be able to hike up and bomb down a mountain range like that before. My love for my honey was amplified (and I didn't think that was possible)!

This was just an example of what we can achieve when we set our minds to something and not allow fear to get in our way. This life is too short to say no to adventure or to opportunity that might make you light up in ways that you've never experienced before. It's how we CHOOSE to live and there is no one way better than another.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

What lights you up? Have you tested your fear lately (physically, mentally, or emotionally?) What do you do to chill the hell out?