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Encinitas, Ca


Summit to Sea (S2S) organizes unique yogic retreat experiences, programs, and adventures for recreational, spiritual, and sustainable growth. S2Sā€™s culture is all about living the practice of yoga beyond the mat, through a balance of connected-ness to nature, mindfulness in movement, wholesome foods, self-care practices, essential oils, breath and meditation, healthy relationships, community, and sustainability.

Rode Side Attractions


Rode Side Attractions

Meg Tuazon

I haven't been to the Grand Canyon since I was sixteen, while on a road trip with my mom, step dad and best friend. We backpacked down, set up camp (I sat on a cactus thorn), we survived a torrential storm, then hiked our way back up, the snow fall, welcoming us. I remember fiddling with my new (but old) Fuji film camera, adjusting the ISO and shutter speed to capture the 'feel' of the vast hole I was witnessing in the earth, something that the small lens couldn't seem to grasp. I felt tiny and the earth felt huge. It humbled me at such a young age, where this massive erosion was a clear example of our ALIVE earth and it's adventures like these, where I remind myself of our precious earth and why I want to stay good to it. It also gives me time to reflect...
šŸŒ„ Sixteen years later, the Grand Canyon and I meet again, this time a quick stop as I am simply en route, helping my sister and her husband move to Austin, ready to embark on a whole new chapter of their lives. Our time spent on the road, just her and I, was full of contemplation, life, and our memories as we were kids. Our differences were actually very much understood as similarities. And there's nothing like the open road that allows you to get to know someone even more than ever before. Our shared mama (my other mom since the age of ten), is an anchor to our love and I am so grateful for that. She is one of the strongest and most courageous women I know, and has been able to love each of us, three sisters, individually and together, all for our unique and authentic selves. Her heart is vast, quite like the Grand Canyon actually, never-ending. I guess our family blended together quite well after all, and despite life's transitions and challenging times, there always seems to be lessons learned and conversations happening, making our compassion and love for each other so much more real, and stronger than ever before.