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Encinitas, Ca


Summit to Sea (S2S) organizes unique yogic retreat experiences, programs, and adventures for recreational, spiritual, and sustainable growth. S2S’s culture is all about living the practice of yoga beyond the mat, through a balance of connected-ness to nature, mindfulness in movement, wholesome foods, self-care practices, essential oils, breath and meditation, healthy relationships, community, and sustainability.


The Importance of Post Partum Care...I Didn't Know, Did You?

Meg Tuazon

My mama was here for a week and a half, helping us move back into our home as we were out for three weeks due to a leak in our kitchen, which bled to the downstairs, etc... Needless to say, she was a huge help in moving us back in; cleaning, and cooking delicious healthy meals for us! There’s nothing like a mom’s help and love. And I haven’t felt that ‘taken care of,’ hands on by my mom in a while. Adulthood interrupts a lot of that.
In our final month (ish) of preparing for our little one, I am still diligently reading, maintaining a healthy pregnancy, practicing our hypnosis, and visualizing a healthy and safe labor. However, my main focus is actually my postpartum care.
While my mom was here, I lent her two of the books I highly trust and believe in, #thefourthtrimester by @magamamas and #thefirstfortydays . These books are the reminder of our shift in perspective and as a culture, so that the mama who just gave birth receives as much care and support as the baby does, for long term health and proper healing. I hear of so many women who forget this.
Growing a human for ten months and birthing is no small feat. This is probably one of the most impactful experiences a woman will go through; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is where our perspectives need to shift from, ‘having to do it all,’ to ‘feeling worthy to receive support,’ nourishment and love from others. This concept goes back to our ancestors, where mothers and sisters collectively cared for the new mom. The need to get into your pre-pregnancy jeans is put on hold, so that mama can heal from the inside out. And it takes time.
This is why I am open to receiving all of the proper support I can get. And making sure those who are helping me are on the same page too. And this is why my postpartum doula, @nestlifewellness , my mom and I are all taking the five week online class on nutrition during postpartum. This class is extra special because my very knowledgeable and loving friend, @centehua.sage will be teaching this course. She will go over ancestral wisdom, proper nutrition during postpartum (and life beyond), herbs, tonics, Ayurveda, sustainable earth, and so much more.